Here is the complete information on our products.

Now you can download Get Weather  for free here! Now GetWeather works with FS2006 also!

GetWeather is a Proxy-Server for Weather-Data for the Flightsimulators from Microsoft. It steps into the connection between Flightsimulator and the Jeppesen Weather-Server and provides the functionality for saving and re-using the downloaded weather data.

More information on the GetWeather homepage.

Radio Stack is the newest development from Bearsoft. It's an application which transfers the radio stack of the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 to the Palm Pilot. You don't need to open the radio stack on your screen if you want to change a frequency.

The Palm Pilot will be connected using the serial port of your PC (e.g. using the cradle).

Currently Radio Stack is in beta state. The first beta version can be downloaded.

See the RadioStack homepage for details.